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In a world where videos are accessible from nearly anywhere, whether from a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer, small businesses and organizations have the opportunity to showcase who they are, what they represent, and what makes them unique.


That's where we come in.


With years of experience in film production, non-profit organizations, and marketing, we can help you create succinct, accessible videos that are within your budget and convey everything you want potential customers, investors, or the person next to you on the plane to see and understand.

Welcoming energy for an authentic tea room.

3 Leaf Tea is a locally owned and operated tea shop located in Downtown Auburn, NY that serves authentic matcha, stone ground green tea, that is imported directly from Japan. This, along with tea-related merchandise, can be purchased on their website at 

The tea shop provides a warm atmosphere and serves unique snacks and small bites like house-made waffles, parfait, and much more.


Instructional Videos Featuring 3 Leaf Tea Products


Read our Blog entry about working with 3 Leaf Tea


A Passion for prints

Jen Pepper is the owner and illustrative genius behind The Chatty Press! We documented her entire process of creating a custom wedding invitation from conception to the finished letterpress print. In her interview, Jen walked us through each step to communicate to potential clients why her business is unique and what goes into the incredibly cool prints she designs and presses.


Revisiting New Events & Marketing For Next Year

Hosted by Rising Tide Brewing Company, Brewing Up Weddings was a networking event for wedding professionals throughout Maine. The inaugural event hopes to become the first of many to come. Videos like these not only capture the fun and excitement for guests to revisit, but also serve as a marketing tool when the next event comes around.

A multi-faceted martial arts school gets an equally dynamic video presence.

Since 1997, Syracuse Martial Arts Academy has brought the residents of Central New York the highest quality of martial arts instruction. They offer classes for classical Wing Chun, Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, and the Filipino weapons art of Kali Escrima. The school embodies a family atmosphere that provides a space for students to be challenged, but also welcomed.

For more information, visit their website, or call 315-415-0928 or 315-491-3756 to schedule a free trial.



Dynamic shots and promotional interviews to capture any event to its fullest.

Hosted by the Maine Wedding Network, the Garden Gate Meet-Up at Garden Gate at Haley Farm brought Maine wedding vendors together for a night of networking and fun.

Comedic, epic, and informative videos to reinforce branding

Mesa Grande Taqueria is a California-Mexican Style Restaurant that, after years of success at their inaugral location in Auburn, NY, expanded to new locations who were unfamiliar with their brand. Along with several other marketing efforts, we helped produce videos that reinforced their brand: Fresh food made in-house from scratch served by an Eco-Friendly, Local Company.

With Facebook views totaling over 80,000, the impact of these videos has helped yield tangible results. To learn more about their story, visit or one of their locations in Auburn, Camillus, or Fairport!

A variety of work with a long-time client

Working as the Marketing Director for nearly 2 years for Mesa Grande Taqueria, we produced a variety of commercials that were posted on Social Media and promoted as sponsored posts as well as advertisements before geo-targeted YouTube video views.

Kinetic editing for a fun, fast-paced organization or business.

The Gathering of Sabers is a class provided at the Syracuse Martial Arts Academy every Saturday from 2PM-3PM. Star Wars fans of all ages learn lightsaber techniques adapted from both traditional and contemporary kung fu and martial arts teachings.


Capturing the atmosphere of a special day

Cloud City Comics & Toys hosted a special event for the Comic Book industry's biggest holiday, Free Comic Book Day, featuring artists, specials, and of course, Free Comics.

We interviewed the owner, Jeff and captured the boisterous atmosphere to highlight a local establishment with a big heart and passion for comics & toys.


An Informative Video To Raise Local Awareness

Founded in 2015, Auburn Permaculture Park, located on 53 Garrow Street, is a place where sustainable planting and local volunteers meet at a delicious and fulfilling crossroads. Created utilizing permaculture design techniques, the park is a community, edible forest garden.

This video is part of our Trail Stewardship initiative, where we create donated videos for local organizations making a positive impact on the community.