Comedic, epic, and informative videos to reinforce branding

Mesa Grande Taqueria is a California-Mexican Style Restaurant that, after years of success at their inaugral location in Auburn, NY, expanded to new locations who were unfamiliar with their brand. Along with several other marketing efforts, we helped produce videos that reinforced their brand: Fresh food made in-house from scratch served by an Eco-Friendly, Local Company.

With Facebook views totaling over 80,000, the impact of these videos has helped yield tangible results. To learn more about their story, visit or one of their locations in Auburn, Camillus, or Fairport!


A variety of work with a long-time client

Working as the Marketing Director for nearly 2 years for Mesa Grande Taqueria, we produced a variety of commercials that were posted on Social Media and promoted as sponsored posts as well as advertisements before geo-targeted YouTube video views.