Collin Henderson is a writer, filmmaker, and collaborator.

My journey in film production began in Middle School, when my English teachers tasked me and my friends with group projects presenting on famous plays, books, and short stories. Instead of a notecard reciting presentation, we made silly video interpretations.

While attending St. Lawrence University I made short films and continued to submit video projects for presentations, transitioning from hobby to craft. Upon graduating, I moved to Chicago to attend Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy where I learned invaluable skills revolving around every facet of the production process.

Before moving back to Central New York, I worked for two years at a Non-Profit organization dedicated to sending video jokes to kids fighting cancer and providing free production services for organizations in the pediatric cancer world.

What have I learned along this journey? That video is an unbelievably powerful medium that can tell stories of hope, bring smiles to faces, and convey important messages. That's why I decided to start this company, in the hopes that business owners, organization leaders, and engaged couples will have a way to share their story in a way that I truly love to capture.


Photo by Whitney J. Fox Photography

Photo by Whitney J. Fox Photography