Our collaborators

Trail Marker Productions works with some talented individuals who help us in a variety of different ways.

Get to know the awesome folks we collaborate with both on Promotional Productions as well as Creative ones.


Abigail Henderson

Abigail does everything from calligraphy, to graphic design, to assisting on productions, to baking cakes, and everything in between. Her knowledge of film, television, and the podcast world has been a major asset on all fronts of production.


Laurel Parker

Laurel is currently studying at NorthEastern University in Boston with an interest in Video Production and Graphic Design. On set, she's been a cinematographer, interviewer, and production assistant.


Kyle Cummings

Kyle is currently residing in St. Augustine, Florida, and travels up North to help us shoot our Wedding Films and other creative projects. An avid photographer, drone pilot, and filmmaker, Kyle is a visual wizard in every sense of the term.


Nick Muehlberger

We found Nick through a chance introduction and ever since then he has lended his expertise in audio production for both our creative endeavors and promotional ones.


Theodore brill

He goes by Teddy, and there may be other secret names you may not know, and he's a jack of all trades. On set, he's been a gaffer, a production assistant, an actor, a cinematographer, and even director.